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Rev. Stainislaus v State of Madhya Pradesh & Others

1977 AIR 908, 1977 SCR (2) 611, 1977 SCC (1) 677 - Supreme Court of India

The case was placed in question as to whether the Indian Constitution also included the right to ‘convert’ any person to the former’s faith.

Indian Young Lawyers Association v. The State of Kerala

Writ Petition (Civil) No. 373 of 2006 - Supreme Court of India

The case was filed on the exclusion of women of menstruating age from the Sabarimala shrine which was dedicated to a celibate God. The case questioned as to whether this exclusionary practice amounts to discrimination.

Ratilal Panachand Gandhi v State of Bombay

[1954] AIR 388 - Supreme Court of India

The case was filed on the ground that the provisions of the Bombay Act of 1950 contradicted article 25 (1) and flexibility to oversee matters of religion as secured by article 26 (b) of the Constitution.

[1958] AIR 731 / [1959] SCR 629

[1958] AIR 731 [1959] SCR 629 - Supreme Court of India

The morality of cattle slaughter by the Muslim Qureshi community, which had been a lifelong occupation to prosper trade, was attested by the Hindu community on the basis of morality and humanitarian grounds.

Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay v. Union of India & Others

SC Writ 393/2021 - Supreme Court of India

The case was filed under the concerns of black magic and superstitious acts being spread through gifts and monetary benefits.

Bijoe Emmanuel & Others v. State of Kerala & Others

1987 AIR 748, 1986 SCR (3) 518 - Supreme Court of India

Three children of Jehovah’s Witnesses faith refused to sing the national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ as it ruled against the principles of their religion.