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Article 14(1) (e)
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Forced Cremation of Covid-19 Victims matter

S.C.F.R. No. 106/20 With (FR) No. 103/20, 104/20, 107/20, 109/20, 111/20, 116/20, 117/20, 118/20, 130/20, 140/20, & 151/20

Facts of the case

Petitioners belonging to Muslim, Christian and Catholic communities challenging the Sri Lankan government’s forcible cremation policy on the grounds that it violates the right to freedom of religion and belief of some faiths and that the said regulation, in fact, violates the law under which the regulation has been made as the law itself permits either burial or cremation.

Findings related to FoRB

FoRB violation – Manifestation: worship, observance, practice, teaching


Leave to proceed refused.