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A. Anton Balasundaram (On behalf of Devinya Grace Jemima) v. M. Abeygunasekara, Principal, Kandy Girls’ High School and others

C.A/Writ/183/2019 - Court of Appeal

The application was filed by the petitioner on behalf of his daughter (who is a minor) seeking a writ of Mandamus.

Church of the Foursquare Gospel in Sri Lanka and another vs. Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha and others

C.A. 781/2008 - Court of Appeal

The Petitioner had a Building Plan approved for residential premises under section 8J(1) of the Urban Development Authority Act.

A.B.T. Rasanga v The Principal of Kingswood College

SC/FR 353/2016 - Supreme Court of Sri Lanka

The petitioner (Christian) complained mentioning that his fundamental right to equality guaranteed by Article 12 of the Sri Lankan Constitution has been infringed by the Principle of Kingswood College.

Ashik v Bandula and Others (Noise Pollution Case)

SC FR 38/2005 - Supreme Court

The complaint was placed for the non-issuing of loudspeaker permits under the S80 Police Ordinance

B.M. Asiri Tharanga & Thiyagarajah Mahendran v The principal of Kingswood College

SC FR Application No. 335/2016 - Supreme Court of Sri Lanka

Petitioner alleged that his fundamental right to equality was violated when Kingswood College, Kandy denied his son admission to Grade 1 of the school for 2017.

Jeevakaran v Rathnasiri Wickramanayake & Others

S.C. Application No. 623/96 - Supreme Court of Sri Lanka

In view of the fact that an excessive number of public holidays affected the productivity of the country, the Government decided on the recommendation of a committee to eliminate holidays for Maha Sivarathri, Hadji, National Heroes Day and Bandaranaike Commemoration Day.

Premalal Perera v Weerasuriya and Others

S.C Application No. 18 Of 1985 - Supreme Court

The petition was placed by an employee of the Government Railway Department stating that a circular authorising the deduction of his contributions infringed several of his rights.

R.M. Dayawathie v Principal of Girl’s High School Kandy and Others.

SC No.459/2019(FR) - Supreme Court of Sri Lanka

The Petitioner complained that her fundamental right to equality guaranteed has been infringed by the Principal, Girls’ High School Kandy by refusing admission of her daughter to Grade 01 of the school.

M.J.M. Faril et al v. Bandaragama Pradeshiya Sabha et al.

S.C (FR) Application No.92/2016 - Supreme Court

An application was made to the 1st Respondent, Bandaragama Pradeshiya Sabha for a development plan to put up a two storeyed school building on a land owned by the 1st Petitioner (President of the Board of Trustees of the Wekada, Jumma Mosque).

A Bill to incorporate the Christian Sahanaye Doratuwa Prayer Centre

SC Determination No. 2/2001 - Supreme Court

Christian Sahanaye Doratuwa Prayer Centre (incorporation) bill was placed on the order paper of Parliament on 10th May 2001. The constitutionality of these papers was challenged.