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A Bill on Prohibition of Forcible Conversion of Religion

SC Special Determination Nos. 2-22/2004 - Supreme Court

A bill titled ‘Prohibition of Forcible Conversion of Religion’ was tabled on Parliament in July 2004

Karuwalagaswewa Vidanelage Swarna Manjula et al. v. C.I.V.P.J. Pushpakumara et al.

S.C.F.R. No. 241/14 - Supreme Court

The arrest of the petitioners on 01st March 2014 by the 1st respondent, was unlawful and that the 1st respondent has violated the petitioners‟ fundamental rights guaranteed by Article 13(1) of the Constitution.

A Bill on ‘Provincial of the Teaching Sisters of the Holy Cross of the Third Order of Saint Francis in Menzingen of Sri Lanka (Incorporation)’

S.C. Special Determination No. 19/2003 - Supreme Court

The passing of a Bill titled ‘Provincial of the Teaching Sisters of the Holy Cross of the Third Order of Saint Francis in Menzingen of Sri Lanka (Incorporation)’

A Bill to incorporate the New Wine Harvest Ministries

S.C. Special Determination No. 2/2003 - Supreme Court

The petitioner’s alleged that the objective of the body sought to be incorporated although seemingly religious in nature transcends gospel meetings, Bible studies and making know the message and teachings of Jesus Christ to a socio-economic dimension encompassing persons of other religions, faiths or beliefs.

Ven. Ellawala Medananda Thero v District Secretary, Ampara and Others

[2009] 1 SLR 54 - Supreme Court

The petitioner alleged that the decision taken by the respondents to alienate about 60 Acres of land located 13 km to the South of the Deegavapi Raja Maha Viharaya (one of the 16 most venerated sites of Buddhists in Sri Lanka), to 500 Muslim famiies, infringes the rights guaranteed under article 10 and 12.

Forced Cremation of Covid-19 Victims matter

S.C.F.R. No. 106/20 With (FR) No. 103/20, 104/20, 107/20, 109/20, 111/20, 116/20, 117/20, 118/20, 130/20, 140/20, & 151/20 - Supreme Court

Petitioners of all faithers challenged the Sri Lankan government’s forced cremation policy on the grounds of violation to their religious beliefs.

Naomi Michelle Cokeman v AG and Others

SCFR 136/2014 - Supreme Court

The petitioner had a a tattoo on her upper right arm of Lord Buddha seated on a lotus flower of Buddhist path.

S.D.N. Priyanganie v. Principal, Maliyadeva College, Kurunegala

HRCSL/199.16/L6 - Human Rights Commission Sri Lanka

The complainant alleged that her fundamental right to equality was violated when Maliyadeva College denied her son admission to Grade 1 of the school, on the perception that her son was a Hindu and not a Buddhist, as the complainant’s husband was a Hindu.

N.M. Junaideen v. Inspector N.P, Kasthuriarachchi, Officer in Charge, Police Station, Hindogama

HRC/AP/344/12 - Human Rights Commission Sri Lanka

The complainant alleged that he was made to kneel down before a Buddha statue for an accusation of stealing a cow by the respondent.

F.F. Rameez and others v. Principal, Tri/Tri Sri Shanmugam Hindu Ladies College, Trincomalee and others

HRC/TCO/27/18 - Human Rights Commission Sri Lanka

The complainants who worked as assistant teachers at the respondent school stated that they have been prohibited from wearing Abaya by the Management Committee of the school.