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PTA, Freedom of Thought Conscience, speech, expression and publication
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Information above is based on the FR petition, as Magistrate Court documents were unavailable.

Ahnaf Jazeem


Facts of the case

The accused is a poet and teacher, who published a Thamil poetry book titled ‘Navarasam(நவரச)’, a collection of poems that he had written from time-to-time.  


The book ‘Navarasam’ contains wide range of topics including private and social life – such as mother’s love, danger of drugs and of consuming alcohol, motivational poems for self-discipline and for success, poems against war, poems about Islamic History and about current affairs.


However, on the basis of incitement of violence/extremism, the accused was arbitrarily arrested and detained through a detention order issued under the PTA. 


Furthermore, the said accused was compelled by officers to give incriminating statements against himself. Thereby, he was specifically compelled to state that he was exposed to extremist ideas which he was learning at Naleemiah Institute of Islamic Studies and thereafter being a teacher taught extremism to student.


Findings related to FoRB

The accused was taking into custody and produced before the Magistrate on charges relating to the Prevention of Terrorism Act.